Stimulate your guests to Tweet about your event

Use TweetBeam to increase interaction with your audience and generate exposure. Your TweetBeam show visually encourages the audience at your conference, lobby, festival or bar to Tweet about you and generate buzz for your business.

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TweetBeam is free for private non-commercial (and non-broadcast) use in a home setting. When you are interested in using TweetBeam for your event or business, get in touch with us to inquire about pricing and customized possibilities for your business. Contact sales placeholderat tweetbeam replacedot com or fill in the form below:

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Success stories

Examples of successful TweetBeam applications include the GATE conference, Earth Day at the National Mall and rock band Incubus' HQ Live event. The photos below give a quick impression of the effect of a TweetBeam show, or check out our more extensive case studies.

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Note: For use at events by both commercial and non-profit organizations a license is required. The free version is meant only for testing or for individual use in a home setting. Please contact us to receive a personalized offer tailored to your event (including additional features).

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"It puts a new outfit on the idea of being interactive"

Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd on TweetBeam, as featured in the Incubus HQ Limited Edition DVD box set.


In case of a flaky internet connection, TweetBeam keeps working and will load new Tweets as soon as you're back online.

Money back guarantee

We doubt it will happen, but if your use of TweetBeam was unsatisfactory, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Set up and sit back

Set up your Twitter wall once. From then on, it will keep on loading new Tweets in the background and highlight the latest.

Free for personal use

TweetBeam is free for private non-commercial (and non-broadcast) use in a home setting.

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