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Welcome to TweetBeam's TEDx page! TweetBeam is an official TEDx sponsor and we have helped numerous TEDx events engage with their audience with our Twitter visualizations. We would love to do the same for you, so contact us below to start setting up your show.

To give you an idea of what a TEDx TweetBeam show looks like, preview the TEDx show template.

Let's find out how TweetBeam works exactly and why you should use it for your event.

What is TweetBeam?

TweetBeam streams from hash tags (e.g. #TEDxYourEvent) and/or accounts (e.g. @TEDxYourEvent) and a show can be displayed on multiple screens. When images are tweeted, they will be displayed instead of the user's profile picture. Through the advanced dashboard, you will be able to filter out any unwanted content and users to ensure no one disrupts your show.

Why use TweetBeam at your TEDx event?

First of all, it allows you to engage with your audience and make them an interactive part of your event. Because you're doing this via Twitter, this will also generate social media exposure for your event and organization. And last but not least, the show adds value to your location because it just looks great!

As a TEDx event, we will work with you for free since TweetBeam is an official TEDx sponsor. You will also receive a customized premium TEDx layout that displays your event's hashtag.

To get your TEDx TweetBeam show and for any additional questions, contact us below:

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"It puts a new outfit on the idea of being interactive"

Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd on TweetBeam, as featured in the Incubus HQ Limited Edition DVD box set.
TEDxBayArea TweetBeam Layout TweetBeam steam at NAP