We believe great events connect people
and create lasting experiences.

So we built a fun and engaging Social Media Wall, to help you integrate social media into your event or business. We're passionate about building great visualizations, and believe these are the centerpiece of delivering amazing engaging and interactive experiences.

504782 total hours

of TweetBeam streaming last year

Helping clients across the globe

Since our start in 2013, it's been an amazing ride serving hundreds of clients from the US and Europe. We're also proud our product has reached all corners of the globe: from Indonesia, South Africa and Chile to Iraq and Rwanda.

TweetBeam in Las Vegas

"We really appreciate your support during setup & our show."

Andreai Fusco, Social Media Specialist, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

About our team

We're fortunate to have been able to grow our self-funded startup into a healthy business. Our small team allows us to build a close relationship with our clients, and their feedback continues to be essential to growing both the product and company.

Besides our Social Wall for events and offices we also build tailor-made live data visualizations for our clients.

We operate from the heart of Amsterdam where we love being part of the Hackers & Founders community, stay healthy with our weekly workouts and enjoy our not-so-healthy Burger Fridays in the garden.

Drop by for a coffee (or beer) when you're in town!

Celebrating two years of TweetBeam

The people behind TweetBeam:

Dennis van Lieshout Customer Relations

Linda Wiegman Finance

Paul Smit Conversion Specialist

Pim Stuurman Business Development & Founder

Yousef El-Dardiry Lead Development & Founder

105 total burgers

fueled our team on our weekly Burger Friday lunch so far

"Without TweetBeam, our hashtag would have never trended worldwide"

James Peacock, Social Media Strategist FIDM
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