Why Display a Live Twitter Stream at Your Event?

Using Twitter at your event is always a clever move. It is a great way to communicate with your attendees and get more exposure for your event. A live Tweet Wall is a great way to amplify these benefits.

A live Twitter stream at your event makes the online discussion visible. When attendees see tweets about your event popping up on a big screen, they will want to to join in on the conversation. That is only one of the 5 great advantages of displaying a Twitter wall at your event. Curious about the other advantages? Read on, and find out what a Twitter wall can do for you.

5 Advantages of Streaming Live Tweets

Tweet walls offer many benefits. These are the most important ones.

1. Get People to Tweet

Visitors will immediately notice the big screen displaying your live Twitter feed when they enter your event. It catches their attention. The in-your-face screen continuously reminds your guests to be active on Twitter, throughout the event.

TweetBeam NBC Ignite 1

2. Boost interaction between attendees

People who are aware of the Twitter conversation, will tweet more. That’s because seeing your own tweet appear on a big screen live can be quite exciting. The woman on this picture, for example, can’t wait for her tweet to pop up.

With Tweets streaming live at your event, attendees easily notice who’s tweeting what. This stimulates them to react on other tweets, and increases social interaction. As a result, guests will feel more connected with each other. While interacting intensively, they can build a sense of community. And which event professional doesn’t want that?

3. Engage with your audience

An interactive live tweet wall helps you to engage with your audience.

“TweetBeam has really helped our visitors engage with our exhibition” – Julie Levans, Social Media Coordinator at Discovery Place, Inc.

The organizers of Discovery Place, a leading science center in the US, wanted to connect with the visitors of their exhibition. They asked them plenty of questions. The visitors replied enthusiastically, motivated to see their tweet displayed on the Twitter wall. With TweetBeam‘s help, Discovery Place managed to build a relationship with their visitors.

4. Generate exposure in the Twittersphere

Having a Tweet wall leads to more tweets. That’s clear. But, here comes the biggest advantage: those tweets about your event hashtag don’t only appear on the displayed tweet stream. They also reach your guests’ followers, and spread far and wide through the Twittersphere.

The FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) 2014 graduation ceremony proves that. During that event, a Twitter display successfully stimulated the attendees to tweet about the event.


As a result, #FIDMGraduation reached over 1.7 million people and became a global trending topic.

“Without TweetBeam, the #FIDMGraduation hashtag would have never trended worldwide or even locally” – James Peacock, Social Media Strategist FIDM

5. Entertain your attendees

Last but not least: Tweet walls also have a fun factor. With a beautiful wall, you can amaze and entertain your guests. They love seeing pictures of other attendees and reading their experiences.

It’s also fun for them to gather around the screen, and have something to talk about. With a continuously changing stream of tweets showing on the screens, your attendees won’t be stuck for something to say.

The more visually appealing a Tweetwall, the more entertained your guests will be. A text-based Twitter wall can quickly become a bit dull. We’ve designed our Twitter Display with this in mind. The visual approach we’ve taken with TweetBeam is a great way to hold your guests’ attention even better.

Tweet Walls result in more tweets and a bigger reach

A live Twitter stream can be a great addition to any kind of event. Because of a visualised Twitter feed, your attendees will be aware of the Twitter conversation.

As a result, they will send more tweets.

More tweets make it easier to create an interesting Twitter conversation, with guests reacting on each others messages and pictures. As an event organiser, you’ll also have more chances to interact with your guests and build a relationship with them.

By making the Twitter conversation much more in-your-face, your event will also get a stronger social presence and a bigger reach. Even a small event might become a trending Twitter topic.

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