Essential Guide to Live Tweeting Events and Conferences [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you in charge of Live-Tweeting an event or conference? Great! You’ve got plenty of possibilities to engage and inform your followers. Use this infographic with 7 must-do’s for live-tweeting your event to impress your followers.

You’re well prepared to live-tweet if you have:

  • read the infographic below with 7 indispensable tips on great live-tweeting
  • installed Tweetchat on your laptop or Hootsuite app on your mobile, to follow the hashtag feed
  • charged your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop

Ready? Here you go:

Infographic: The Essential 7 Step Guide To Live-Tweet Your Event

Live Tweet Infographic

1. Use the event hashtag

Always use your event hashtag. It’s the only way to connect with other Tweeters and to follow your event Twitter stream.

Keep your hashtag as short as possible, so that it doesn’t limit your message. Do you have to choose between shortening your message or your hashtag? Always choose for the message and keep the hashtag intact.

2. Alert your followers

This rule is essential to Twitter etiquette. Let your followers know that you’ll be tweeting live. Interested followers then know when to pay attention, and non-interested followers get a warning.

3. Live-tweet valuable content

To really add to the conversation, you have to post interesting, new information. Pay attention during sessions to tweet the most interesting quotes. Be fast. You want other Tweeters to retweet your post.

4. Interact

Live Tweeting is the perfect way to engage with your attendees. Make them feel part of the event and keep the conversation going. Ask questions and reply to their feedback, questions and comments.

5. Include multimedia

Did you know that tweets with images get 150% more Retweets? They also get 18% more clicks, and 89% more Favorites. So try to not only live-tweet quotes and other textual messages, but also photos and videos.

6. Follow other tweeters

Make as many connections as you can. This is a great chance to build relationships with attendees. Follow all the tweeters that follow you and/or are active in the event hashtag stream.

7. Link to blog posts

Look around. Do you see any bloggers writing live articles about your event? Be sure to post links to those articles to give your followers a new perspective on your event.

Easily learn how to Live Tweet

Live Tweeting offers a great chance to interact and connect with attendees on Twitter. You can also stimulate the online conversation by tweeting the right content. Do you have any tips for live event tweeting of your own? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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