Display a Visually Stunning Live Twitter Feed at your event

When you want to display live tweeting at your event, you will need software that does the following:

  1. Automatic updating: Obviously, you don’t want to have to manually update your feed, like you have to in Twitter’s own search. You need a tool that will do this for you automatically.

  2. Visualization: While Twitter’s own layout is extremely functional, it is not well suited for use at events. A large part of your screen will be filled with unnecessary content (e.g. trending topics) and the display is very text-heavy. To really engage with your audience, you need a stimulating visualization.

  3. Filtering: The downside of any social medium is that you can’t control content. While you don’t want to turn your show into propaganda, you also don’t want to give everyone a free pass to disrupt your show with potentially sensitive content. Therefore, you need a show that allows for moderation.

TweetBeam solves all of these needs, by giving you a stunning Twitter visualization with advanced filtering options. Before getting to the details on how you use TweetBeam, have a look at the visualization by entering any topic of your choice below.

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Now that you know what your show will look like, let’s address how TweetBeam handles the three needs mentioned earlier.

  • Automatic updating: TweetBeam automatically collects new tweets and displays them in your show. You can choose to display tweets containg any hashtag (#yourevent), profile (@youraccount) or topic (yourtopic). Even better, all advanced Twitter search operators are supported, allowing you to mix different searches and add time or location constraints.

  • Visualization: As you can see, TweetBeam has been designed to create a stimulating visualization using image tiles. Whenever images are tweeted, they will automatically be displayed in a tile instead of the user’s profile picture. When you move your cursor to the side of the screen, the show will highlight tweets sequentially. We also offer a premium customization, in which we will work with you to integrate your brand with TweetBeam. To learn more about this, contact us to receive a personal offer for your show.

  • Filtering: To apply filters to your show, log in using your Twitter account to get access to TweetBeam’s advanced dashboard. There, you will be able to block specific content from your show. You can filter tweets by blocking words, users or language. We also offer the option to filter manually, which allows you to select which tweets will be shown fom any device, including mobile. Get in touch to learn more about this..

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Twitter on a big touch screen at an Ernst & Young event

As you can see, TweetBeam is the perfect tool for displaying a live Twitter feed at your events. Please note that, depending on the nature of your event, you may require a license. To verify this and ensure that you have the perfect settings, contact us to start setting up your TweetBeam show!

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