The Best Trade Show Booth Ideas Using Twitter

The hardest challenge at a trade show? To drive attendees to your booth. When you’re surrounded by other businesses who try to attract the same people, you need some good ideas to make your booth stand out.

Original, fun ideas involving Twitter can easily turn your booth into a success. Why Twitter? If you use it in a creative way, this popular platform can help you excite and engage visitors. With the following 3 ideas, you don’t just ask for their attention.

You grab it.

3 Creative Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Event Booth

Ready to be inspired? These original trade show booth ideas can make your booth into a success.

1. Organize a Twitter contest

Organizing a contest is a great way to attract attendees to your booth.

You can take this idea to the next level, by jumping on the ‘selfie’ bandwagon. Hand out your logo to people passing by, and simply ask them to tweet a creative selfie, displaying your logo. Encourage them to think out of the box. The whole trade show can be their playground, there are no rules. Whoever made the most creative selfie, wins.

And don’t forget about the most obvious motivation to join your contest: an amazing prize.


2. Print photos for entertainment

Who doesn’t like a photo as a souvenir? Encourage visitors to shoot their picture and post it on Twitter, using the hashtag you launched for your own booth. There are several tools, like SocialfotoBar to print those photos. Attendees will be more excited to pose for a picture when they get a free print. They might even make a picture of that print, and share it again.

What’s in it for you? Enthusiastic visitors who post their picture on Twitter will create exposure for your brand. Their Twitter followers will see your hashtag, and other visitors of the trade show will want to have a picture of their own. And more importantly: trade show attendees will visit your booth to pick up their photo.

Tip: collect some props in your booth to spice up the photos. Fake moustaches, funny bow ties: anything goes. Got any props with your logo on it? Even better!

social foto bar

3. Display a Twitter Wall at the Trade Show

Tweetbeam phone charger

Twitter walls offer another way to connect with the crowd. By displaying the tweets on a screen at your event booth, you can make your online presence on Twitter more visible. A Twitter wall visualises the online discussion, and creates a sense of community.

Seeing their tweets appear on a big screen can be quite exciting for visitors.

Want to offer them something extra?

PGA made a clever move by displaying the trade show’s Twitter stream at a phone charging station. While attendees waited for their phone batteries to charge, the Twitter wall tempted them tweet about it. As a result, PGA had a busy booth and lots of positive tweets.

Be active on Twitter

We’ve seen some great ways to promote your booth using Twitter. But not only visitors should be tweeting.

Make sure you are as well.

Actively respond to questions, retweet fun and positive comments and share the most important updates to keep the conversation with attendees going.

Be sure to make your posts relevant. “Come visit, it’s fun here” is not going to convince anyone. Photos, videos and an announcement of an interesting Twitter contest, for example, will.

Twitter at a trade show booth on a small budget pays off

Using Twitter at a trade show can definitely can be low-cost and effective. Using these 3 ideas, you can get more activity at your event booth, attract more people and leave a great impression.

Got any ideas of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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