Social Wall for Concerts & Festivals

Create an amazing fan experience by showing their Twitter posts on a beautiful display. Stimulate fans to share their experience online and show the world their love for your concert or festival.

Warm Up The Crowd

Don't miss a chance to entertain your audience. While they wait for a concert to start; amaze them with a beautiful and fun TweetBeam show.

TweetBeam at the MGM Las Vegas Boulevard Brew Fest

"It puts a new outfit on the idea of being interactive"

Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd

Amaze Your Fans

To see your tweet and picture pop up on a big screen is exciting. Festivalgoers connect with each other and the artists by sharing their most memorable moments.

Generate Exposure

Show people who aren't there what they're missing out on. Make your fanbase even stronger by using TweetBeam to get the social buzz going.

Try TweetBeam

Experience real-time what people around the world are sharing about any topic or event


In case of a flaky internet connection, TweetBeam keeps working and will load new Tweets as soon as you're back online.

Money back guarantee

We doubt it will happen, but if your use of TweetBeam was unsatisfactory, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Full moderation

Want to be in complete control? TweetBeam comes with real-time moderation capabilities.

Set up and sit back

Set up your Twitter wall once. From then on, it will keep on loading new Tweets in the background and highlight the latest

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