Social Wall for Schools & Universities

Entertain students, parents and tour groups and get them buzzing about school activities with a live social display at your campus, library or stadium. Use TweetBeam as a modern tool for students and teachers to interact with each other and engage around events at your school or college.

TweetBeam Social Display at the FIDM Graduation ceremony in the Staples Center, Los Angeles

Create Interaction

Let your students, teachers and parents know you care about their opinion. Allow them to be involved in discussions and boost the school spirit.

TweetBeam powering a forum at the American University of Iraq

"The interface couldn't be easier to use and the front end was much more visually stimulating than I was original expecting. Without TweetBeam, the #FIDMGraduation hashtag would have never trended worldwide or even locally"

James Peacock, Social Media Strategist FIDM

An Innovative Showcase

Encourage students to share their school experience on social media. Give every student a voice by displaying their activities, (art) works and questions on an interactive TweetBeam show.

Complete Moderation

As much as you'd like to give students an open forum, abuse is always a risk. TweetBeam allows you to automatically filter incoming messages for profanity or even select the messages by hand.

Try TweetBeam

Experience real-time what people around the world are sharing about any topic or event


In case of a flaky internet connection, TweetBeam keeps working and will load new Tweets as soon as you're back online.

Money back guarantee

We doubt it will happen, but if your use of TweetBeam was unsatisfactory, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Full moderation

Want to be in complete control? TweetBeam comes with real-time moderation capabilities.

Set up and sit back

Set up your Twitter wall once. From then on, it will keep on loading new Tweets in the background and highlight the latest

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