Feature overview

Below you find all features TweetBeam has out-of-the-box. As experts in Social Media, Analytics and Visualizations, we always love to hear from you in case you have a specific challenge in these areas, just get in touch via team placeholderat tweetbeam replacedot com.

Real-time updates

New tweets are continuously loaded in the background and shown in real time.


In case of a flaky internet connection, TweetBeam keeps working and will load new Tweets as soon as you're back online.


We have options for both opt-out (block certain words or userse) and opt-in (only display approved tweets) moderation.

Post event analytics

Measure the impact of your Twitter Wall. We keep track of all tweets during your event and can provide you with a free post-event recap.

Adapts to your screen

TweetBeam automatically adapts to the screen size you're using at your venue. Questions about your specific set-up? We can always work with you to optimize the display and legibility.

Future-proof with HTML5

No dependency on Flash or other plugins. TweetBeam works out-of-the box in any modern browser.

Customizable, brand TweetBeam to your identity

We can customize TweetBeam and incorporate any logos or visuals to reflect the branding and identity of your organization.

Advanced search

Tune your Twitter search to make sure you display exactly the tweets you want.

Image and Instagram display

In case someone tweets a photo, this will get shown instead of their profile picture.

Money back guarantee

We doubt it will happen, but if your use of TweetBeam was unsatisfactory, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Embed & Share

Embed TweetBeam on your website, or impress your audience by sharing the unique link to your TweetBeam show via social media channels.

Free for personal use

TweetBeam is free for personal use in a home setting.

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"It puts a new outfit on the idea of being interactive"

Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd on TweetBeam, as featured in the Incubus HQ Limited Edition DVD box set.
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