Twitter Wall for Museums & Galleries

Turn your exhibition into an engaging experience. Your visitors will love you for it. With a beautiful Twitter Wall, visitors can participate in your exhibition so you can truly connect with them. Use TweetBeam to turn visitors and their online followers into real fans.

Create a Lasting Experience

Make a visit to your museum an interactive social experience. With TweetBeam visitors become a part of your exhibition, making their visit even more memorable.

"TweetBeam has really helped our visitors engage with our exhibition"

Julie Levans, Social Media Coordinator at Discovery Place, Inc.

Connect With Your Visitors

With a Twitter Wall, you stimulate people to tweet about their visit, share pictures and ask questions. A unique opportunity to build a relationship with your fans.

The Centre Pompidou chose TweetBeam to power their Jeff Koons selfie contest

Turn Visitors Into Promotors

Get visitors to talk about you. Their tweets will promote your museum or gallery to their followers and the Twittersphere.
It's basically free advertising.

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Experience real-time what people around the world are sharing about any topic or event


In case of a flaky internet connection, TweetBeam keeps working and will load new Tweets as soon as you're back online.

Money back guarantee

We doubt it will happen, but if your use of TweetBeam was unsatisfactory, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Full moderation

Want to be in complete control? TweetBeam comes with real-time moderation capabilities.

Set up and sit back

Set up your Twitter wall once. From then on, it will keep on loading new Tweets in the background and highlight the latest

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